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FAQs about Braces

Wearing braces remains one of the most effective ways to achieve a beautifully even smile. Today's orthodontia offers many different Bracesstyles and types to children, teens, and adults in order to deliver a sure path to better oral health. At Schoepflin Dental Excellence, Dr. Ronald Schoepflin and his staff create innovative care plans designed for each patient. Read on to learn more about today's orthodontic options, and contact Dr. Ronald Schoepflin's Port Orchard office for personal treatment!


What kinds of problems do braces treat?

Orthodontic problems are as varied as people themselves are. Spacing (gaps and crowding), along with overbite and underbite, are common orthodontic issues which affect appearance, dental longevity, ease of maintenance, and overall health. People with crooked teeth often have headaches, ear pain, excessive wear on their tooth enamel, and speech disorders. Finally, crooked teeth often impact self-confidence. Luckily, a carefully crafted treatment plan addresses all these issues.


Which orthodontic options are available at the Port Orchard office?

When most of us think of braces, we picture metal brackets, wires, and rubber bands, and yes, your dentist uses these appliances to treat many of his patients, however, other kinds of appliances work well, too! These alternative options include lingual braces, ceramic braces, and one of today's most popular choices, clear acrylic aligners.


How long do I have to wear braces?

Most patients wear their braces no longer than two years, although treatment with acrylic aligners is generally shorter, averaging out to one year or so.


Can braces damage my teeth?

To make sure that your orthodontic treatment stays on schedule, we will work with you to organize routine progress checks as you move through your treatment plan. Of course, regular six-month check-ups and cleanings are still essential during this time. With diligent care, your teeth and gums will remain healthy throughout your orthodontic plan, and well afterward!


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